Lawn Mower Care Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

  • Keep your mower blades sharp. You may spend hundreds of dollars a year to keep your lawn beautiful with fertilizer, aeration, watering, and weed control. But one of the most neglected, yet simplest things to do to keep your lawn looking great, is to keep your mower blades sharp. Mowing with sharp blades creates a clean cut that helps keeps your grass healthy and green, as well as ensuring your mower is working at its best.
  • Do not mow your grass when it is wet. Mowing wet grass will take the edge off of your blade in short order. Time constraints make it hard to wait for the grass to dry, but waiting is the best thing you can do to keep your blades sharp and cutting cleanly.
  • Wet grass also causes the grass to build up on your mower deck. This grass will cling to the mower deck and retain moisture. This will promote rusting of your deck. If you must mow wet grass, take the time to scrape the wet grass off of the under side of the mower deck.
  • Start with fresh gas (newer then 30 days old) in the gas tank of your mower or small engine equipment. Many of the problems you will experience when starting up a small engine is due to the fact that the engine has been sitting around unused for months with old gas in the tank. Today’s formulation of gas products does not have a very long shelf life resist the temptation to use the gas that was left over from last year. This is why winterizing your mower after mowing season is important and just as important is using fresh gas when the mowing season starts again.
  • Maintenance cost is cheaper than repair costs. You’re probably more likely to remember to change the oil in your car before you remember to change oil in you mower or small engine equipment. But, just like your car, simple maintenance tasks, such as oil changes, air filters, spark plugs, etc., can keep the investment you’ve made in your small engine equipment running for years to come.
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